The Local Farm

Bio Projects

Closing the Loop
Project= Waste vegetable oil into fuel
Byproduct= Glycerin turned into soap.
Result= Healthy farm and healthy vegetables on a locally produced and consumed level.

We are using waste vegetable oil (WVO) from our customers to power the delivery vehicle used to send our "fresh from the farm" products back to them. Even the tractor used is powered without having to worry about the recent challenges imposed by the increased cost of just about everything. Let's turn this whole ordeal into a great positive. Fresh food grown in an enviromentally gentle and sustainable way. Brought to you powered by your waste vegetable oil!
The Machine
A work in progress.

The tank on the left is where the reaction takes place. The smaller white tank in the center is where we mix methanol and lye to make methoxide; the chemical that causes the reaction. After the reaction is complete we  decant the biodiesel to the wash and drying tank on the right (three drums braized together). We make 130 gallons a batch and get 30 gallons of glycerin for soap as a byproduct.

The Biovan
(Pictured the way we bought it ) Now has over 60,000 biodiesel miles.
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