The Local Farm


 Tours are available for young and old students as well as culinary schools and restuarant chefs and their crew.
 Anyone who is interested in sustainable farming and living will enjoy coming out to Twinn Bridges Farm.

What you will see.

  •  Innovative and traditional sustainable farming techniques.
  •  Culinary herbs.
  •  Heirloom seasonal vegetable at varying stages of growth.
  •  Laying hens and their fresh eggs

What you will do.  

  •  Smell and taste various herbs and in season heirloom vegetables.
  •  Tour the field where we grow crops.
  •  Tour the greenhouses including the USDA and NRCS funded greenhouse promoting passive style growing of varietal crops to bring to market.
  •  Interact with the laying hens.
Contact us for scheduling your personal event.


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